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Is composite pipe as strong as steel?

Yes, and it can be engineered to be stronger.

Can the life of the pipe be calculated?

The pipe can be calculated to suit an age requirement.

Can the pipe carry abrasive slurry?

An internal coating can be simultaneously applied during production.

Is composite pipe UV resistent?

If the pipe is required above ground then a UV application can be applied during production.

Can the composite pipe follow a bend and contours?

Yes, a 1.2 meter diameter pipe can follow a 25 meter radius.

Can openings and controls be incorporated?

Openings and control points can be built in and will become an integral component of the pipe.

Can reductions or larger sections be added?

Reductions or larger sections can be added with minimal disruption to production.

Is the composite pipe fireproof?

Yes, if specified.

Can it be made bullet and explosion resistent?

Armour resistance can be incorporated into the pipeline in the form of aramid fibres or other blast proof material during the production process.

How does it compare in an earthquake?

FRP has a flex duability advantage over other materials. Further our pipeline can be made without joins which are usually the weak point in an earthquake.

Can it convey drinking water?

Yes, with correctly applied resin for carrying potable water.

What amount of internal pressure can composite withstand?

Pressure is a matter of engineering the laminate to the required thickness and glass component.

Has the pipe been pressure tested?

WNR Systems pipes have been tested by STS to 8,450 PSI plus at the testing facility at University of Southern Queensland.

What type of resin is used?

Specifically engineered epoxy resin.

What type of composite materials can be used?

Various types of multiaxials are used, made for the end requirement including e-glass & aramid.

Can the composite pipe carry all liquids currently carried by steel?

Yes, composite pipes can carry all liquids currently carried in steel or other materials.

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